Frequently Asked Questions PCR COVID-19 Testing

Yes — if you’ve been searching for Rapid PCR COVID-19 testing, you’ve come to the right place! Our testing procedure will determine whether you have an active infection, which will tell you whether you’ll need to quarantine. You’ll get a definitive positive or negative result in certificate form, which will include all the relevant details of your test results. This test does not, however, impact your eligibility for a COVID-19 vaccine, which is determined by experts at the state and national level.

Our simple and noninvasive procedure takes only one minute. Our medical experts collect a shallow-nasal swab, which is far less invasive than the sample collection procedure used at many COVID-19 testing sites. Our experts will then process each sample at our laboratory location, using a lab technique called polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The entire analysis process takes less than 3 hours and you’ll have your finalized COVID-19 test results in the SAME DAY!

Not at all. Our shallow-nasal swab technique collects a sample from less than one inch within the nostril, which means you’ll barely even feel it. This procedure is much simpler than the far more invasive sample collection processes used at many public COVID-19 testing locations.
Absolutely! We’re fully aware that we’re entering your space — and we treat that space with respect by abiding by your rules during our visit. As part of our commitment to honoring your private space, we welcome family members, including children, in the testing room.

Yes! In fact, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) requires all insurance companies to cover the entire cost of RT PCR testing during this time of crisis. We accept all forms of health insurance for 48 hour results turnaround

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests replicate genetic material (RNA) collected in a patient sample. If even a tiny amount of coronavirus genes are present in the sample, a rapid PCR test can reliably detect it. The COVID pandemic has brought RT-PCR rapid testing out of the hospital lab and into the world of mobile testing — providing stronger precision and higher accuracy than at many COVID-19 testing locations near you.

RT-PCR testing has been regarded as the best-practice COVID-19 test since the early days of the pandemic. Rapid Antigen tests are less accurate. Our trained medical teams perform multiple COVID-19 tests and cross-compare the results, further reducing the likelihood of a false positive, and increasing the accuracy of your final analysis beyond what you’d get at a regular COVID-19 testing site.

The actual analysis process takes less than 3 hours. Our CLIA lab can analyze most samples within 3 hours of receiving them. In fact, this is best-practice for ensuring accuracy of the test.

Our laboratory technicians will send you confirmation of a positive or negative COVID test result, along with a full explanation of the RT-PCR tests we performed, and the results of those tests. We’ll also send you an informational sheet explaining what steps you should take if you have been diagnosed positive for COVID-19.

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If you test negative for COVID-19, we will send you a medical certificate confirming this result, which will help you demonstrate your eligibility to travel outside the US.